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a year page

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Jan. 1st, 2014 | 06:22 pm

up and downs throughout the years..
all i had been doing here .. in this page?

rant and sobbing ..
sitting here
wasting my time
writing things that people never read or understand

here i deserve a round of applause from silent readers...

*throw confetti around*

ok . ok.. back to reality here

i had been travelling around emotion roller coaster for whole year
there is things just meant to be there
remember last time what i say before

i shall be start listening to the voicee..
sounding all going holy here?
just a joke ....

how i think about 2013?
it had been a great year when u got someone by yourself?
wanna know who?
 find  out yourselves

my answer is just here yea?

maybe i should stop here and let the page goes on..
see how it goes
i am keeping some of my memories as secret

2014 be ready
because i am gonna get you for goodddd

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